Friday, September 21, 2012

1st birthday at Park

A birthday party for a One year old is a big event, but also can be stress-free and simple to put together. For my oldest son's 1st birthday we celebrated with some great friends at a park just across the street. We were living in La Jolla at the time in San Diego, CA.   This was 5 years ago, boy where has the time gone?

Here we have our mantel in our old apartment. He was lavished with gifts from our family! I think this was pre-birthday in the park since none of the festivities took place at home.

Some nice person brought him blue birthday balloons with a teddy bear mylar balloon.

Here is our small family just before festivities kicked off. Our birthday boy was so big! He could walk by his 1st birthday and say quite a few words by then.

And he loved to suck his thumb. :)

We set up a few of the picnic tables with blue paper table clothes and brought the balloons from home.

Our friend Josh wrote "Happy Birthday Charlie" on the cement behind him with sidewalk chalk. What a great idea that was. We hauled Charlie's high chair to the park so he could sit safely and eat his birthday lunch and cake.  I think we just wanted our hands free so we could enjoy ourselves too!

We used streamers to adorn the columns. And here I was attending to my little man.

For lunch we served little sandwiches and fruit. The party favors included sand pails with little shovels and some treats for the kids to take home.

Here is Charlie with his friend Gemma at the time playing with his sand toys. Gosh we still have these sand toys in our back yard today. They have stood the test of time for sure!

Look at that silly face! My mom found the birthday boy crown and shirt for him.

The cake was purchased at a local bakery.  I'm telling you, back then it was low-key and was really stress-free. Those are the best kinds of birthdays!

Charlie sat in my lap while opening his gifts. He had so much fun opening up those presents I still remember his excitement as everyone watched.

Can't believe 5 years have passed since this party.  My little guy is now in 1st grade! Love you Charlie!


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Sarni said...

Love you CAP. High-five kiddo. Oops ! High -SIX now :) big hugs and ooddles of oxoxoxoxo.

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