Friday, September 7, 2012

Guest Bathroom updates

Ah, look at our pretty new light fixtures in the guest bathroom.  These were on our to-do list for quite some time because the old light fixtures were broken. They had some faulty wiring and blew out. These pretty lights are called Portfolio 2-light vanity bar from Lowes and the glass lamps are clear "seeded" glass. The light bulbs are old fashion in shape but are halogen lights.

My trusty handy man Joe took down the old fixtures.

He sanded around the opening and added some paint so the new fixtures would look seamless over the openings.

We realize they aren't exactly centered with the mirror, but maybe some day down the line when we have more time we can make new holes so these line up with the mirror. For now I'm just happy to have lights that work. 

It's funny the difference in the wall color between the above shot and this shot below. One looks blue, the other a light purple.

I would say this color mostly resembles a true image of what the bathroom color looks like. A moody sort of gray purple. I love how these new seeded light fixtures add wonderful shading to the walls.

Here's another view looking into the bathroom. Yes one day we'll center those lights.

And just for fun (and to take advantage of our cities water rebate program, we got one more toilet for the house.  This one was $99 from Lowes, but the city provides a rebate of $100 on your water bill. See how to install a toilet here.

Yay for new bathroom updates and a room that's almost complete!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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