Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Who doesn't love David Bowie? Maybe it's the paint fumes or maybe it's the fact that our kitchen is moving along, but I'm giddy this morning.  When you have a three day weekend, lots of stuff gets done. At least around here.  I spent Friday night taking down all of my upper kitchen cabinet doors.  You see, our reconstruction team decided that there was no water damage to our cabinets to they reinstalled them for us and painted the lower cabinets. I told them to keep the doors gray on the inside. Which meant I had the great idea to paint the upper cabinet doors gray on the inside too.  Oh and after our reconstruction team reinstalled our countertops I found a crack in them and also the seams weren't lined up. So a countertop person came out on Friday to measure them and order us new ones. What a headache.  Anyway, we're getting the exact same ones since I spent a lot of time picking them out in the first place. So here I am on Friday night sanding and priming the inside of the upper cabinet doors.

I used one coat of Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer. Oh and first I washed them all with a solution of water, bleach, and mold and mildew cleaner.

Here's a view of our craft room/eat-in-kitchen. The subfloor has been replaced in here.

Here's looking into the kitchen. There are a lot of cabinet doors to paint!!   I also scrubbed, sanded, and painted one white coat of paint on the frame of the upper cabinets and the outside of the doors so they matched the lower cabinets. The reconstruction company used semi-gloss paint on the bottom, so I had to match the upper cabinets

Here's our pantry and you can see the doors were brown before with splashes of white paint on them and I hated opening them up and seeing the paint mistakes and the chipped off shelf liner.

Here's a view of where our fridge goes. I still need to paint this wall to match the rest of the kitchen. I will probably get to that today. Also that outlet was broken by the Water Mitigation team, so that will need to be replaced as well.

So here's what I'm really excited about.   These two big corner cabinets.  I decided that it would look aesthetically pleasing and open up of the kitchen a bit if we had some open cabinets.

So my Joe removed that middle piece of wood that was used for the cabinet doors. He accidentally ripped off part of the bottom piece, so we went to Lowes to buy one strip of wood for the bottom. I also unscrewed the plastic wine hanger thing that was on the middle shelf.

He nailed it in using his nail gun and caulked around the edges.  

He also used caulk to fill in the gaps on the upper two shelves where the seam wasn't perfect.  I sanded and primed the whole inside of those two cabinets and gave them two shiny coats of the "Gray Matters" by Sherwin Williams that was also used on the inside of all the cabinet doors.

And voila! Open cabinets to display all my white dishware.  This is a truer image of the color on the inside.

We obviously haven't added the other doors back, but will get to that tonight. We bought awesome new hinges that I'll share with you once they get up.

I found some pretty shelf liner paper at Target and meticulously lined these cabinets as well as the pantry cabinets (see below.) Joe did the pantry shelves for me because one of my favorite shows was on last night and well, you couldn't get me away from the TV if you tried.

So here is our view of the kitchen this A.M. The doors should be nice cured by tonight and ready to hang back up. The subfloor is done.

Here's a little view of the lower pantry that Joe lined with shelf liner last night. I still need to get in there today and organize everything and also maybe line that bottom shelf. Originally I didn't think we needed to because we store water and paper recycling, but I think it will look better if we do that.

Once these doors get hung, we can just sit back and let them do the rest!  Today someone will come out and take a template of our countertops for ordering.  We have a plumber coming to reinstall our dishwasher so that can be repaired on Thursday.  Our flooring as been ordered but not sure when it will get here, but as soon as we get it I'll keep you posted.  Once everything is finished by them at some point down the road we would like to tile our back splash. I've been posting fun ideas on Pinterest under the Decor section.  Then my poor hubby is going to install the same flooring throughout the entire house. Oh my. Lots of changes.

Hope you had a great three day weekend as well! Stay warm!



Sarni said...

An amazing amount of work is going on here. It's going to look great!

Peahen Pad said...

Thanks! Can't wait for it all to be done so we can use our kitchen again! :)

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