Friday, January 11, 2013

Great walls of PeaHen

Flooring update: The floors finished drying and all the big equipment was removed today, except for a dryer in the crawl space where water leaked down into the air vent. So that will remain over the weekend, but the sound in the house is back to normal. Yay!

Now for some bad new (or good news I suppose.)  It looks like our kitchen cabinets have been affected by the water, so we have someone coming out on Monday to see whether all of the cabinets will need to be replaced or if they can repair the old ones. The paint job has been chipped all over, so at the very least we'll get them painted.  

As for me, I'm dreaming up crazy ideas since all of the flooring is getting replaced in the foyer, hallway, kitchen, dining room, and eat-in-kitchen. That's pretty much all of our flooring in the center of the house. So I'm dreaming of cabinet removal, mainly this overhanging piece that blocks the view into the kitchen.

And if all goes well with our reconstruction company and this idea clears an inspector and engineer, some walls could come down as well.

The wall separating the dining room from the eat-in-kitchen:

The wall that you bump into as you enter our house:

Another angle of the above walls, but from the view in the kitchen:

Here's the view from the living room into the dining room. Wouldn't the whole space be so much more open and large with these walls gone? Who thought to put them there anyway? I guess when our house was built it was popular to separate all the rooms from each other, but now houses are built so rooms are continuous and families can see each other.  Oh and if you're wondering I've already had one engineer tell me these are not load bearing walls since we have an attic above and not a second story.  But of course we would need to double check that.

And just for a reminder here is our original floor. All tore up now.  Wanted to show you our cabinets again one more time.  I think this is the last time you'll see them there and gray.

Have a great weekend and I promise not to dream up any more crazy ideas.


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