Tuesday, January 15, 2013

foxy knobs

Kitchen update:  We should have some more news by tomorrow on the kitchen renovation.  I'm meeting with our Project manager today and should have an idea when the work can begin and news on the kitchen cabinets.  

Now for a fun upgrade in the Master Bathroom.  I found these adorable ceramic fox knobs for a incredible deal at Anthropologie over Christmas break. It was during their after Christmas sale that I wandered in and found all the clearance stuff on sale for an additional 30% off.  These knobs were $2 each after all the discounts, so I purchased four for a total of $8 plus tax. Not bad for these guys I thought

Since I only purchased four the logical place to put them was in our bathroom where there are two cabinets and two drawers.  The knobs that were in there will probably be relocated to our kitchen or possibly the hallway bathroom.  

I love how the teal color goes well with the dark gray cabinets.  They also make a fun little statement to an otherwise boring set of cabinets.

Here are all the cabinets. I wanted to show you the whole bathroom, but right now it's kind of a mess. We've got the coffee maker in there (which makes it feel very much like a hotel bathroom.)  My awesome neighbor picked me up some coffee filters so we can dump the grinds instead of having to rinse out our gold filter, which is very convenient right now.

I'm so happy about this little purchase. They really make me smile.


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