Monday, January 28, 2013

Fire Wood Storage bin

We haven't had a fire in our fireplace for over a year and when the temps dip down into the teens and it snows during the day, well, it's time for one.  And you can't just have logs lying around, so we invested in a cute wire storage basket with a white fabric liner.  

Found this one at Home Goods on Friday morning just as the snow started falling.  They had many sizes available and also designs. Some wire baskets looked like chicken wire. Some had letters painted on the front, like the number "2" in black ink. That was a close runner-up.

But I really liked the size of this one. I thought it was a great size for holding the logs upright. It also fits nicely next to the fireplace instead of on the brick.

Notice we had to remove our quilt and our padded cover for the brick so it wouldn't get burned with flying embers, but we'll promptly put it back on once we decide we had enough of it, which will probably be Monday when the snow has melted and everyone is back at school and work.

I also moved the rocking chair back into the living room because our son's beds now take up so much space in their rooms (can't wait to show you how those look.)  And do you see that cute ball-fringed gray throw blanket? That was a Christmas present from my Mom. It looks so cute on the rocking chair.

Another shot of the throw blanket.  It goes so well in the living room and we have all been snuggling up with it by the fire.

And my mantel is semi back-to-normal.  I've got a few new things up there mixed with some older things. I still want to find some white dear heads for either side of the mirror to balance it out a little.

Did you have a cozy weekend as well? Did you get snow or just ice like we did?  We enjoyed our "too cold to go out" weekend, but looking forward to a warmer week ahead (and hopefully some new kitchen floors this week!)


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Sarni said...

Looks good. So happy the "throw" works well.

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