Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabinet Doors hung

Last week dear hubby and I removed all the upper cabinets and painted the insides gray and added new hardware. Finally, after a week of drying and making several tweaks we hung the doors back up.  Here is a reminder of what was going on last week.

And here we are as of this morning. We're sort of feeling some relief that the upper cabinets are done and the doors are off the ground. We even removed the plastic sheeting from the doorways so we can go into the kitchen for now.

I mentioned last week that we were going to paint the insides of the upper cabinet doors gray to match the insides of the lower cabinets.  They badly needed some paint since there was white paint splattered on the inside and yucky brown wood showing. So now when I open my cabinets I see this pretty shiny gray paint (Gray Matters by Sherwinn Williams.) 

Here is another view of the insides of the doors.  They look and feel so much better than before!

Another reason this little upper cabinet project took longer than expected is that we changed the hardware.  The old hardware used to be brass but someone spray painted them silver. SO over time the spray paint chipped off and there was also white paint drips on them. I went to Lowes to replace all 36 hinges, but ended up buying the wrong ones.  But Lowes was so great and let us return them even though I opened up every bag.  But thank goodness we made the mistake because we found contractor packs of 10 online for much cheaper.  $6.51 for a 10 pack versus $2.75 for a two pack. That's $.65 for one instead of  $1.35 for one. So it really pays to shop online before walking into the store.

We got 4 packs of these babies. Gatehouse 10-Pack 2-3/4-in x 1-7/8-in Satin Nickel Surface Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges. And of course they were slightly different than the old hinges so we had to sand down, caulk, and repaint the trim to cover up the old hinge outlines. 

To hang the cabinet doors back up without any guides, I held them up and lined them up with the frame making sure they were level while Joe used an electric screw driver to mount the hinges.

Here are the pantry doors. Funny story about these guys. Well not funny actually but a good lesson learned. Since these doors butt right up against each other, and the way the hinges came the doors are so tightly fitted together that we now need to go back and sand them down so they close easily. Yeah, we'll get to that another day.

More cabinet doors hung!

Here are the doors above our oven. Funny story about our oven too.  The water mitigation team yanked it so hard they must have broken the door handle. Still waiting on whether or no it's going to be fixed or replaced.

More cabinet doors!

And here's a cute little update we did as well. Adding satin nickel bin pulls to all of the drawers instead of the round hardware that is on the rest of the cabinet doors.  I think they update the drawers a lot. And they are fun to open now. I found eight of these babies online, Ebay to be exact at a much cheaper price than at Lowes. They are brand new too.  Yay for easy updates. Although if you ask my husband, drilling new holes is not an easy update.

So our kitchen still needs new countertops (hopefully arriving this week,) new floors (arriving next Wednesday,) and possibly a new oven.

Here's our sad little eat-in-kitchen.  Still unusable. By next week this space will be all opened up and ready for the kids to play in!

Glad the kitchen is moving along, but it's been about a month now so we are really eager to get things back the way they were.  Paper plates, cups, and utensils are only fun for about a week.  



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