Monday, January 14, 2013

Artwork organization

What better way to spend some weekend time when your whole house is a disaster than in your kid's room organizing?  With all the artwork flowing in from 1st grade and preschool I thought it was a great time to start organizing it all.  I found these very cute Banker's boxes from Target over the weekend and decided they would make great storage for artwork over the years. Plus they had a place to write my children's names.

My mom got me these cute file folders for Christmas with owls on them, so I thought these would be cute for my daughter's artwork box. 

Here's a little close-up of the print. There are three colors, white, pink, and green. They were purchased from Current magazine (I know that because it's printed on them.) :)

The idea here is that when artwork comes into the home, you can display it somewhere like on a wire with clips like we did in our craft room, but then it can be stored long term in this box.  Since each folder is only so big, it helps to weed out certain artwork that you may not want to save. I made a folder for each year of school including preschool.  That way when my children grow to be adults they can have a manageable amount of mementos from their childhood to take with them when they go. We will probably add birthday cards to these folders as well from each year.  

Here are the boxes again all ready to go into their closets.  Of course someone is missing here, so I have to head back to Target for another set of these and some more hanging files for the boy's...but you get the idea.  Can't wait to see what kind of artwork my kid's create over the years.

Happy Organizing!



Sarni said...

Big improvement over my brown grocery bags!
So cute and organized .

Peahen Pad said...

Your bags take up less space though! :)

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