Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flooring options

Today I met with our flooring company that will be giving us an estimate on our flooring and also working with us on a few other things.  More on that later. The floor is still drying out and will definitely be done by tomorrow. Just in time for some quiet time over the weekend.  The sound of the dehumidifier is definitely getting a little annoying, since we can't hear phones ring, door knocks, kids getting up too early in the morning and not going back to bed etc. I will be happy to have those things turned off and the sound back to normal.

Our flooring company has suggested I pick out some samples of flooring for him to use on the estimate. Since our insurance company will only pay to have the same thing replaced which is laminate, we'll have to see what the price will be for any upgrades. Joe and I are hesitant to put laminate back in there because we've seen how quickly it becomes chipped and scratched.  So one option we were considering is bamboo. The installation process is the same as laminate so the labor cost would be equivalent.  I've noticed that a lot of my pins on Pinterest for interiors include dark wood flooring.  I think I tend to lean towards dark woods over light woods. I especially dislike oak colors or golden browns, so I will avoid those shades when picking a color.  So originally I was 100% certain that I would choose a really dark color, but after seeing some multi-tone shades I'm uncertain which way I will go.  The multi-tones will help blend the flooring in the living room with the flooring in the dining room and kitchen.  But eventually we'll have to replace that flooring anyway, so should I go with what I really like and someday we'll have it all match?

Here are some inspiration photos from Pinterest, followed by some real samples of flooring that we may choose.

Here's a multi-tone wood color that adds a lot of interest to the room and looks very natural.


Here is another medium-dark wood tone, with a shinier finish.


Another medium-brown wood floor. So many great examples of wood floors pared with gray walls & white cabinets. Also love the white subway tiles.


This dining room is gorgeous with the pale blue, whites, and ivory and dark wood floor. And the chairs remind me of our dining room chairs.


Here are bamboo samples that I found online.  Two of the samples have room pictures to help visualize them in the room.

Teragren LLC
Style Number:

Morning Star Clic  1/2" x 5" Antique Clic Strand Bamboo

Morning Star Clic Natural 1/2"x5" Bamboo Bamboo Strand Carbonized N/A Bamboo

Morning Star Clic  1/2" x 5" Dao Clic Strand Bamboo

Major Brand  1/2" x 3-3/4" Ming Strand Handscraped Bamboo
Major Brand Select 1/2"x5 3/4" Strand Bamboo Bamboo Stained Strand Stained Finish Bamboo

Morning Star  5/8" x 3-3/4 Qing Spyder Strand Bamboo

Morning Star - 5/8"x3 3/4" Bamboo Phyllostachys Pubescen 2895 Stained Finish Solid

So tomorrow the subflooring will be finished drying and we'll get quotes by next week and then hopefully this whole project will move forward. Still not sure if our cabinets are ruined, I guess we will find out tomorrow.
Hopefully soon I can also share some Christmas photos with you, we're getting way too far into January without updating you!


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