Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kitchen Disaster Day 2

 It was another full day of work on our kitchen. Today the company (maybe I will mention them later with permission) ripped up two additional layers of sub flooring in our kitchen as well as removing all of our kitchen cabinets. Apparently water seeped under them as well.  So here is our dining room where we eat all of our meals. The refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and pantry staples have been relocated in there.

My kids don't mind all the clutter in there and are quite enjoying being able to reach snacks at the table all by themselves!

This picture was actuallly taken on Sunday when we had to empty our entire china cabinet and find space in our attic to store everything.  The water actually seeped into our formal dining room floor, so this flooring his going to be replaced as well.  My husband purchased bubble wrap, a tape gun with extra tape, and several newspapers to pack it all up. Took us both several hours to complete the job, but since I was on an organizational kick, I cleaned out the entire attic that same day. Feels so good up there now.

This is how our kitchen looks today.  All of the cabinets are pulled away from the wall and the floor is covered with sheeting connected to a machine that sucks out moisture, a dehumidifier. 

This is where our refrigerator used to be. Now it's storing the dehumidifier.

A long view of our kitchen. The upper cabinets are still attached.  We won't know for a few days if our lower cabinets are actually damaged by the water or if they just need to dry out the flooring. If the cabinets are damaged, then we'll have to discuss replacing all of them.  

In my dream kitchen (assuming we could do anything to our current kitchen) I would get rid of these hanging upper cabinets that block the view into the eat-in-kitchen.  I'd also knock down some walls, but that's asking a lot. I realize they provide more storage space, but honestly we could stand to get rid of a few things.  It's so popular to have open shelving where upper cabinets used to be. There are pros and cons to both open and closed cabinets. We'll have to discuss this further if our cabinets actually are damaged. 

You can see that the room is completely taped off by plastic sheeting. There is a zipper in the middle of one doorway so the worker's can get in and out. And they are taking extra precautions not to spread mold spores in the house or dust particles. They know two of my children are asthmatic, so have been extra careful. This company is honestly rocking, so I will happily recommend them to any local folks.

After being home for just 6 days from our Christmas vacation in California, my youngest is really missing Grandma and Uncle Joey, Ken, and Jeff. She said today "I want to fly on airplane to Grandma's and see Uncle Joey, Uncle Ken, and Jeff."  She wishes she was back in Grandma's bed snuggling up and watching cartoons in bed.  

We're all wishing we were back at Grandma's before all this chaos began.  Tomorrow's another day of long work, so we'll keep you posted!


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Sarni said...

Holy moly that is alot of work being done by ALL hands. As for the little one I just may have to come and get her :)

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