Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cinnamon stick votive candles

With the holidays fast approaching it was time to get out the craft boxes and figure out a little DIY Christmas gift for the relatives. That's when I decided on these little numbers.

After E.Claire's first birthday I had about 10 clear votive candle holders left over. I thought about saving them for another occasion but now that Christmas is here, what better way to save money than to use something I already had on hand.

After picking CAP up from school yesterday we headed to Michaels for some cinnamon sticks. I found these for 50% off which came out to be $2.50 for the whole bag. Score.

They were much longer than the glass vases, so I used scissors to score them and them break along that line.

Then I began gluing them to the glass with my hot glue gun.

Some were still a little too long so I had to use this saw to cut them down. I also used a big metal file to smooth out the bottoms.

Once all the cinnamon sticks looked even, I tied ribbon that I already had around them and hot glued it in two spots so it doesn't fall off.

I made another one and this time use brown ribbon with polka dots (my favorite.)

That's it. So simple and easy.

Hopefully I'll be making more easy presents like this in the near future.

What are you making this Christmas? I love to hear other crafty ideas.


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