Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Wreath

Creating a Fall Wreath for your door is super easy and much cheaper than buying one just like this one:

First you need to buy a grape wreath from your local craft store. Mine came from Michaels. Next you pick out your favorite fall blooms from the silk flower section of your craft store. Then I just scoured my yard for more acorns. You could also use pine cones or other things fallen from your trees!  Next you get a hot glue gun and glue and start gluing in your flowers and your acorns.

Next you find a pretty ribbon and wrap it around the top and leave enough for hanging. If you don't already have a hook on your front door you can add one from your local hardware store for under $1.  See that blue paint on the glass above the wreath? I painted this on the inside of the glass last night with left over craft paint. Why? Because this section of the glass was not frosted and any 6' man could see right into my kitchen. And let's just say we don't always wear appropriate attire at all times of the day. This is by no means a permanent fix, just something temporary until I can figure out a better solution. Maybe a curtain?

Have you hung your Fall wreath yet? They really do spruce up your front door. I may consider adding some scented pine cones when I get a moment.
Happy Fall!

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