Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little bathroom accesories

Having just finished the mirror makeover in the hallway bathroom, I HAD to go out and get some new accessories right?  When the kids went to sleep I got to sneak out and shop.

One of my favorite home stores for decorating items is Home Goods. They always have great finds. For just $5.99 I got this little glass soap dish. It was actually for more logistical reasons because our old soap dish was metal and kept leaving rust all over the counters. With two boys washing their hands frequently there seems to be a never ending supply of water on the counters. The Bvlgari soaps were a gift from a special aunt a few years back.

Isn't this a cute toothbrush holder?  I also got it at Home Goods for $6.99 because our old toothbrush holder was also getting rust everywhere and ruining the marble counter tops. Doesn't it look like a piece of jewelry? It adds so much glam to the bathroom.

And finally I really wanted something to display those cute soaps from Bvlgari so I picked up this narrow apothecary jar with a lid for $9.99. It definitely adds a touch of elegance to the kid's bathroom don't you think?

Have you found cute bathroom accessories lately? Don't they just make you smile and give the bathroom a whole new look? It's funny how just a few small purchases can make you smile so much.


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Sarni said...

Well, you are really teaching those "children" to appreciate the finer things in life. Good for you - I was afraid to go beyond plastic. LOL

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