Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall mantle

Once the Halloween decorations come down, up go the Thanksgiving decorations. At least until Thanksgiving weekend. And then the Christmas decorations go up.  I couldn't pass up hitting the after Halloween sales, but to my dismay, most of the Thanksgiving decorations were already gone too. I had my heart set on this beautiful white and tan graphic paper pumpkin for the mantle, but sadly it was gone.  All I could really find were Fall vines on sale for 70% off at Michaels. I picked up one strand of yellow and gold grape vine leaves for $4 to drape across the mantle. I used the two cone shaped brown decorations again because they were actually meant for Thanksgiving and not Halloween even though I had them up during October.

I added some sparkly pumpkins on either end that I already had in the attic and a ceramic pumpkin Joe bought me last year as an anniversary gift. Oct. 11th is our anniversary. I had a little bundle of fall flowers that I put in a vase near the center.

Since this photo was taken, I have also added an acorn tree. Seen here. I might change the branches since they look a little sparse and scary.

Do you change your mantle for the Holidays or is it just me? I would love to see your pics!


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Sarni said...

wish I HAD a mantle! I would ask you to decorate it Every season! Looks really pretty.

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