Monday, November 14, 2011

Curtains for closet doors

In our master bedroom we are limited with the space in there and we used to have a closet door that we kept open all the time (it was easier this way and it let the clothes "breathe.") Because it would bump into the vanity table we literally kept it opened all the way flush against the wall behind the vanity. To top it off I had a cloth shoe holder on the outside that was visible all the time. It was finally time to do something about this sight for sore eyes. Here are curtains all finished.

Here is a view from one side of the room if you're standing by the foot of our bed.

I was lucky to have two tan silk curtains available from our hold house so I dug these out to see how they would look in the room. Luckily the color worked well.

We found a cheap cafe curtain rod from Target and installed it on the inside of the closet above the doorway.  Next we clipped 10 Oil Rubbed Bronze curtain clips to the top of each curtain. We put two curtains on the rod and hung them both up. We like how the curtains look when they are "full" and ruffled looking.

Here is a view of our vanity table (more on where we got that later.)  And an empty pin board.

Here is another shot of mostly the dresser. The white mirror came from a thrift store and the lamp shade came from Target. I just used an old white lamp that was in the nursery and replaced the pink lamp shade.

 If you find that your closet doors impede traffic or space in your house, we think that adding curtains is a great way to go! We have enjoying having easy access to our closet too!



Gracee said...

Impressive! I haven't thought about putting up curtains as a closet divider. We are currently searching for homes for sale. If you don't mind, I'll use this inspiration in designing our bathroom.

3 door wardrobe said...
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