Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pink and Brown Bathroom

When we first moved in, I really wanted a pink and brown bathroom and I worked with what we had.  I first painted the bathroom in this pink color.  I really liked it at first.  I added chocolate brown towels and pink and brown hand towels.  I found the medicine cabinet at Home Goods and Joe installed it. We also replaced the faucet with a stainless steel/chrome fixture from Lowes.

We already had marble counter tops so we thought the pink went well.  We switched out all the electrical covers with stainless steel ones.

We added the shabby chic curtain in a balloon shade from Target and got rid of the mini blinds (we added the mini blinds later though since a curtain in a bathroom is really a no-go if you use the shower a lot.  Joe also installed this pretty robe hook.

Here is the old tile - a hexagonal shape, but we have also since replaced this. More pics on the new bathroom later.

What do you think of a pink bathroom?  I am kinda sad we don't have a pink bathroom anymore.  But the new color is refreshing.  Have you painted anything pink lately? Isn't is lovely?


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