Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gifts - DIY Holiday Gifts

When I saw this in my December issue of Country Living magazine it was love at first sight.

How cute are these photo pillows?! And how cool is my Mom for making me one the minute I told her about it? She jumped right on it and in seriously less than 3 days I had one in my possession (sent all the way from California to North Carolina.) She even was earth savvy and used left over fabric from my dining room chair slip covers. Not only is the photo black and white, but the fabric is a mixture of grays, making it really fit in with everything else. Our kids get a kick of looking at themselves in a pillow.

It says in the description that you can buy photo fabric from Amazon for $9.99 for 5 pieces. She printed them using her home printer and then sewed the backing fabric on leaving a hole for filling with batting. Then you hand stitch the hole shut.

We all love our little family pillow and big Thanks to my mom for being so creative and thoughtful!

Handmade Christmas Gifts - DIY Holiday Gifts - Country Living:

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Sarni said...

To cute of an idea to pass up! Making one for Tootie so she could "bring her angels home" was a great gift idea and done up in a flash. Directions recommend a few layers of scotch guard as the fabric photos are not washable or dry cleanable. Love all my Sweetpeas.

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